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This is Smoky with her Yank Magazine Trophy, Champion Mascot of the SWPA 1944 taken on Biak Island. The trophy is now in the AKC Museum of the Dog, St. Louis MO. in Smoky's display case in the War Dog room. She won as top mascot of an Individual from over 400 entries. Smoky was also voted the 26th Photo Recon Sq. Mascot.

Sinbad the Sailor meets Smoky

U.S. Coast Guard SINBAD THE SAILOR, left, meets 5th AAF Smoky in Cleveland in 1945. Sinbad, a veteran of six years in the Coast Guard, travelled on several ships during WWII. There is a book about him. Note: Bill Wynne, Smoky's master, is giving her the hand signal to sit up. Smoky learned over 200 commands and hand signals while overseas. 

 Smoky poses in a helmet amid GI shoes and Army food ration boxes. This was taken in by the American Red Cross while she visited wounded soldiers in the 120th General Hospital in Manila while battles still raged.

Bill Wynne, Patch & Smoky during their theactrical years.

Smoky rides a scooter in the Philippines. The clown suit she is wearing was made by a Filipino woman desperate for new American Pesos. U.S. Army troops put the natives to work to help them get established after over three years of Japanese occupation. The clown suit is made of used cargo parachute material and is now in the AKC Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, Missouri.

This is Smoky in her war blanket. It was made from a wool felt card table cover by Australian Red Cross volunteers in Townsville, Australia (1944). We were on furlough after being in tropical New Guinea so long all of us were cold yet mosquitoes were biting. Smoky wore the blanket later on combat missions as war planes had no insulation because of fire hazards. The blanket has her Corporal Strips and overseas bars (two years), 8 battle stars medal, Two Presidential Unit Citations, other ribbons, insignias, and AAF wings. 

  Opening of the Dogs of War Exhibit at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA.   October, 2010

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