Walter Siler King was born June 9, 1921 in the Dan Horn Community, which is located between Cisco & Scranton, of Eastland County, Texas.                                                                                                      

His story takes place between 1942 - 1951 during which he served with the USAAF/USAF. His service to his country took him to Australia, New Guinea, Philippine Islands, Japan and ended on that fateful day in 1951 on a mission as the Commanding Officer of the 13th Bomb Squadron 3rd Bomb Wing - 5th AF.                              

Until June of 1994, Walter seemed to be remembered by only the people of Eastland County & the veterans of the 13th Bomb Squadron - Korea that served with him.                                                                             

This page will attempt to tell the story of how these veterans were able to finally able to erect a Memorial, which both remembered and honored one of their lost and almost forgotten comrades.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This search for information about Walter King was initiated by a conversation between W.A. (Bill) Cowan and Bill Ricketts, who both served with the 13th Bomb Squadron during the Korean War. In June of 1994, members of the 13th Bomb Squadron Association gathered at the Scranton Cemetery to pay their respects and dedicate a memorial to  The Friend We Didn’t Know.



Service Record

Southern Bomber Command   1942-1943

89th Attack Squadron 3rd Bomb Group  1943-1945

Provost Marshall  Vance AFB  Tinker AFB

Cadet Squadron Commander  Randolph AFB

Headquarters 13th Air Force  Clark Field  Republic of the Philippines

Major Walter S. King  13th BS   Iwakuni Air Station  August 1950 - October 1950

Lt. Col. Walter S. King   13th BS CO  Iwakuni Air Station  October 1950 - February 1951




89th Attack Squadron Commanding Officer 


Major Walter S. King  -  Provost Marshall


Dyess or King AFB    October 1955

Fay & Walter Lee King  Wife & Son


Lt. Col. Walter S. King
13th Bomb Squadron CO

October 1950 - February 1951


June 1994

On June 5, 1994, over 53 years after his death, the family and friends, which included members of the 13th Bomb Squadron Association, gathered at the Scranton Cemetery in Scranton, Texas to dedicate a memorial to Lt. Col. Walter S. King. At long last, a veteran & friend was remembered.




In May 0f 2010, Mrs. Fay M. King contacted Bill Cowan and forwarded the letter she had received after attending a MIA/KIA meeting in San Antonio. Mrs. King is the widow of Hub King, one of Walter's brothers.