This is what "Lil" Doll might have looked like back in its CAP service days flying out of Lantana

This is a "pilot" piece put together by a TV company, wanting to make a full documentary on the Ryan. They are hoping to start up a program called "Wheel Obsession".

The Goodwood event was fantastic, and we did extremely well. Judged 3rd overall, which considering the competition was very pleasing.
We did make a big effort in getting there and presenting well, so guessed that all helped. The Ryan remains in Lee-on-Solent for now, and we will be taking her out of hibernation in May. 

The enthusiastic Lee Flying Association members are organising a show to celebrate 100 years since the first Royal Navy aircraft took off from the base back in July 29, 1917. They are wanting to display the Ryan in her Civil Air Patrol, "bombed up" insignia for the occasion, which we most certainly intend doing.

First weekend in May we take off for the Shuttleworth opening Airshow at Old Warden. Quite a collection of vintage aircraft kept there, so looking forward to being able to watch them fly, subject to the weather of course.

Next major show is the La Ferte Alais Airshow, early in June, about an hour by car, out of Paris to the south.
We have been invited to fly there in formation with another Ryan, a PT22, the US's military pilot training WW2 aircraft.
They have sent the following link ....... looks like being an awesome show:-

Last week we received an invitation back to Goodwood for the 10th Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours d'Elegance, in September.
All the podium finishers from the previous 9 years have been invited! So, we are very excited about this prospect... most privileged to have been invited two years running.

The ball that Lord March puts on, is an incredible experience.
Arriving at twilight to the entrance, a Spitfire and Mustang were flying in close formation at very low altitude, in honour of the airmen who served there during the war. As the doors to the ball were about to be opened, both aircraft taxied up and shut down at the entrance. Quite a moving experience, and it only gets better from then! Will tell you over a beer one day.

Might be sooner than you think too.
The way the wind is taking us, we could be headed for the "L bird" display at Oshkosh in 2018, who knows?
That would really be something! As you know, Lil'Doll was the only serving Ryan SCW in the USAAF during the war and was designated  "L10", for liaison duties. Wouldn't it be wonderful for her to visit the CAP museum at Lantana in Florida, where she was based during the war, too?

I'm sorry for rambling on so much, I haven't had that much to drink, I promise. Anyway Gerry, hope that all is well for you and really looking forward to that beer!

Cheers Mate,
Keep up the great work!  - Steve