Noel Tunny grew up in Charters Towers, Queensland, during World War Two and was a frequent visitor to the 3rd Bomb Group's base at Corinda airfield on the northeast edge of town.

He graduated in civil engineering from the University of Queensland in 1955 and was engaged in that profession until his retirement. Noel has written three books about the USAAF in Queensland.

The first is titled Gateway to Victory, The Establishment of The First U. S. Armed Forces in Australia, 1941-42. His second was Fight Back From the North.

Both of those 1991 books feature the 3rd Bomb Group and other bomb and fighter groups in Queensland.

His latest book, Winning From Down Under, was released in Australia in October, 2010.

Noel has been acquainted with a number of the veterans of the 3rd Bomb Group, including General Robert Ruegg, who was present in Brisbane at the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Noel is one of the real authorities on the air war in the SWPA, and he has the added advantage of seeing the war up close and personal as a youth in Charters Towers during the months when the 3rd Bomb Group was based there in 1942 and early 1943.

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 In October 2013, Noel visited Diane & I at our home in Houston, Texas.