I am in Portland,Oregon where I have lived since 1932 when I was 11 years old. I was in a pilot training program for a year, then radio mechanics for 7 1/2 months, then electronics for 1 1/2 months finally a basic radar airborne navigation radar course 1 month, promoted from Pvt. to Cpl. then the AN/APQ-13 Bombing radar used on B-29s, B-17s and B-24s 2 1/2 months, finally selected to be an instructor for 8 months in that course until my name came up for duty in the Pacific (Japan).

I was in Barnes Hospital in Vancouver, Washington, on VJ Day, with a reaction from my 5th smallpox vaccination. A few weeks later, I and 3 other radar maintenance graduates ( I was an instructor for 8 months on Airborne Bombing Radar Maintenance for B 29s, B 24s and B 17s) went through a week or so at Camp Stoneman, Pittsburgh, California then by ship to Manila, B 25 to Yonton Airstrip, Okinawa,then to Atsugi, Japan. I was assigned by Master Sergeant Heiser in charge of 3rd Group Hq. to the 13th Sq. After 2 weeks when I drove the Headquarters courier jeep for Sergeant Heiser twice a day, I was assigned to the photo lab. Pop Henson was the best technician we had. He taught us a lot in the 6 months I was there. (We had arrived in Okinawa shortly after the Typhoon, and the Group had gone to Japan. On our 8th day there, we met Captain French of the Group who was rounding up tents to survey them for replacement for the Group. He had a 5 or 6 man crew for that rough job. After talking with him, the next day we left by a C 46 to Tachikawa for overnight, then by another cargo plane to Atsugi.). A Corporal Ramsey who arrived with me got a job in the service club. I also had two friends, Jim Butler who was a champion bridge player, and Bob Spencer from Pennsylvania, who bunked next to me. I wish I could remember more names such as the Photo Officer, a Lieutenant, or the 13th Squadron Commander, also a Lieutenant. I departed Japan about the last of February or the first of March. There were fifty some men from the Group on the C-4 converted transport ship we were on. My 13th Squadron Commander contacted the other 2 pilots to rendevous over Tokyo Bay and they proceded to do 4 or 5 simulated attacks on the ship. We had about 15 minutes of a great airshow. It was a good outfit as long as I was there.

I am writing my biography but it is a slow process.

Thanks for your input.

You may include my name in the Occupation Members listing.


Jack N. Klein

CMsgt retired


32 years 3 months