Attached is a newspaper comic strip "Gallantry in Action" about 3rd BG Bombardier T/Sgt HIlroy Boswell.

Boswell was a bombardier in the 89th Squadron and left the U.S. in Jan. 42 as part of the original deployment.

He flew as a bombardier with 90th Squadron B-25 crews during May & June 1942.  After that he apparently went back to the 89th Squadron where he served as an armorer.  He may have flown as an A-20 gunner but I have no records of that.

The center panel of the comic covers the events of May 14, 1942 - a bombing mission against Lae that Boswell flew with Lt. John Hesselbarth.   Everyone on the crew was awarded the Silver Star.

Edward Rogers

I have quite a collection of A17As from Barksdale flown by the 13th. The Squadrons can be identified by the tail number when the logo is not visible. The 13th had a series of numbers above 44 and into the 60s. The number of 23 on the plane you attached may well be an 8th plane. The Squadron colors were shifted around in that period. The 13th flew with white cowling for quite a while and then shifted to blue. A blue cowl is attached with Oscar well visible. Most of these photos are from the Hilroy Boswell collection and I have the original photos. The 3rd Attack group lived in a single large building and each squadron had its own entrance. The 13th always had "Oscar on Guard" and you can see him in one of the photos of the 13th entryway. Chrly

The Chrly that sent these photos & passed on this information is Charles Hinton. Chrly is a true historian that has consistently shared a wealth of information that graces the pages of